Leadership Through Knowledge

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Architects, engineers, construction managers, contractors, building energy modelers, and other Advanced Energy Retrofit service providers play a critical role in realizing the goal of creating a robust integrated retrofit building industry. The practices and methodologies employed by the service segment of the building industry to accomplish the broad energy upgrades to existing building stock are rapidly evolving. Integration of the building retrofit service providers involves deep changes for practice and for the tools used in practice; an integrated approach starts early in the design process and includes the full range of professionals who deliver the final product. How you respond, how you contribute, will be key to how you profit.


As early adopters of integrated tools and practices, you’ll be able to differentiate your company in a meaningful way from others by delivering value-enhancing energy performance as a critical piece of the final built result  This work will help shape the future of the industry and by having knowledge of this fast growing field, and a portfolio of successful projects to point to, one can quickly cast you in a “thought leadership” role, and build an enviable reputation for your firm. Opportunities for growth and an inside track to repeat business are sure to result.


The EEB Hub is here to help you gain a more complete understanding of the integrated retrofit landscape for our region. As you do, it will benefit you to share your knowledge with prospective clients. Educating clients today will help lower barriers, demystify the process and create demand for the change that is now not simply possible, but inevitable.


Get started by talking to the EEB Hub about

  • Lifecycle analysis tools that are advanced enough to view projects from 30,000 feet yet simple enough for ease of use and customer understanding
  • Training programs for retrofit contractors to expand the availability of proficient partners
  • Access to technical and financial data, profiles and other examples that demonstrate the tangible value of integrated retrofits to prospects
  • Scheduled workshops, seminars and partnering events