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Programmer / Analyst [Career]

Date Posted: April 03, 2013

Work Unit: College of Engineering Department: Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub) Level: 03 Band: K The Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub), a U.S. DOE sponsored Energy Innovation Hub led by Penn State and headquartered at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia, is seeking a Programmer/Analyst (Building Energy Server Programmer.) This position will be responsible for implementation and development of an energy simulation platform. This simulation platform will consist of several cloud-based simulation tools with simulation engines already developed by several different research groups funded by the EEB Hub project. The simulation engines include open source software such as Energy Plus, but also proprietary simulation engines that would require greater involvement of their developers in enabling cloud-based versions to be available without disclosure of source codes. The position focuses on development of user-friendly interface solutions to enable use of cloud-based simulation tools in building retrofit decision making process. In addition, the development will include standardized data inputs and outputs for several different simulation tools. The inputs will focus on automated building data generation, including geometry files, while the outputs will need to allow reading of existing and new databases on building energy consumption. Specific responsibilities include: • Setting up and managing server hardware • Web application development on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) environment • Server-side programming: Ruby (Ruby on Rails), PHP, SQL, Git Versioning • Client-side programming: Javascript, HTML, CSS • Research computing, especially in engineering disciplines • Collaboration with “Building Energy Simulation Developer” to develop automated data input and output generation for the simulation platform Candidates must possess strong analytical and programming skills with an understanding of server architecture and development of cloud-based software solutions. Candidates should possess a Bachelor’s Degree in an engineering , computer science, or information technology field, as well as, programming experience. The primary work site will be at the EEB Hub offices at the Navy Yard in Philadelphia. This is a fixed-term appointment funded for one year with possibility of re-funding. Applications close on 4/9/2013. All applicants must apply on the PSU website. Job listing is here: https://app2.ohr.psu.edu/Jobs/External/EVMS2_External/currentap1.cfm#39195