EEB Hub Profiles: Avis Ransom

Avis Ransom

Organization: Morgan State University

Title: Writer/Editor, Technical Analyst

Years with Organization: Eight

Past Professional Experience: Logistics Engineer with major Department of Defense contractors and independent consultant

Education: B.S. in Chemistry and MBA, Loyola University; Baltimore, MD

Role within EEB Hub: Part of the Education and Workforce Development task team. Primary work revolves around the development of videos and webinars, creating a campus-wide laboratory for the development of curricula and guidelines for energy-efficient buildings and infusing building science into the K-12 curricula and learning experiences.

Why you choose to go into the field you’re in: I was born asking questions and tinkering with everything I could get my hands on.  I think this profession chose me.

Why you think the work of the EEB Hub is important: The EEB Hub is important because it is providing a comprehensive approach to the transformation of the building services industry in a very condensed period of time. When the implementation begins to take hold it will reduce energy usage, create jobs, inject activity into the economy and reduce our carbon footprint- not to mention it will improve national security by reducing our dependence on foreign produced energy.

Favorite thing about working with the EEB Hub: Meeting new people, learning new things, finding the right questions to ask, and helping to organize partnerships and collaborations to solve difficult challenges.

What impact you think the EEB Hub will have:  I think the EEB Hub will challenge building designers, builders, owners, managers and occupants to think and act differently about energy utilization resulting in the achievement of our goal of increasing energy efficiency in the typical medium-sized building.

Biggest professional accomplishment to date: Started and managed for 15 years an independently owned and operated business development firm.

Advice for students looking into building efficiency career opportunities:

Build relationships with experts in the fields of interest to you and stay connected to the EEB Hub to ensure that you always have the latest information about the evolving industry and changing career opportunities.

Favorite book: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell (my favorite book changes frequently)

Last vacation:  Myrtle Beach in 2011

Little known fact about you:I am a seamstress.