EEB Hub says goodbye to summer interns

EEB Hub Interns

This summer, the EEB Hub hosted nine summer undergraduate and graduate interns to contribute to the EEB Hub work to reduce energy use in regional buildings. Each position was supervised by one of the EEB Hub Members: Penn State, University of Pennsylvania, DVIRC, PIDC, Morgan State University, and United Technologies.

Intern work varied from research on dynamic façade and inverse modeling to retrofit financing strategies and energy efficient career education work. Some examples:

  • “This summer I got the opportunity to move from the fifth city in the Netherlands to the fifth city in the USA for an internship at the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub. During my nine weeks stay at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, I have been working in a research project that investigates the potential of model predictive control (MPC) for more efficient control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in buildings. Building 14 at the Navy Yard was used in a simulation-based case study to find out more about the impacts of weather forecast uncertainty and model mismatch on the performance of MPC. The outcomes of the project have definitely helped in improving our understanding of the multiple complex factors that together determine the potential of MPC. At the same time, we are left with more new questions now than we had in the beginning.The internship has been an excellent opportunity to broaden my horizon, on a professional as well as personal level. I gained valuable new software knowledge and programming skills, and learned a lot about the theoretical concepts behind MPC. Moreover, the interesting conversations with the many experts at EEB Hub and supervising organization UTRC will certainly benefit my future career. Nine weeks in Philly has been just enough to get a taste of the many different faces of this interesting city, and its surrounding area. I was lucky to arrive in the U.S. just a few days before Independence Day, and have experienced the celebrations with lots of delight. Perhaps even more so, I have enjoyed the many instances of being exposed to the more subtle differences between European and American cultures, including sports, food, architecture and transportation. In the future, I am keen to keep on following the progress and accomplishments made by the EEB Hub, and I wish the team lots of success in achieving its challenging mission!”- Roel Loonen, PhD student from Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands, intern for UTC
  • “This summer, I started to work at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficient Building Hub as a summer intern. The primary goal of the internship is to develop an inverse model trained by building operation data for Building 101 located in located at 4747 South Broad Street in Philadelphia, PA to predict cooling and heating requirements for the building, and for measurement and verification and ongoing commissioning of building performance. I started with learning the general concept related to inverse modeling in the first week. Then I started to gathering the sensor measured building information and local weather information in the second week. After all the preparation work had been done, I developed inverse model for Building 101 with both Change-point multivariable regression and Gaussian processes regression approach. Through the summer, I successfully finished developing two data driven model (change-point multi-variable regression model and Gaussian processes regression model) for Building 101 and gained invaluable practical experience with solving a real problem, which will benefit my future research study and work. During the weekend, I visited Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the University of Pennsylvania , and Chinatown. I also visited some nearby sightseeing, such as Valley Forge, Atlantic city, and Niagara Falls. I enjoyed a great summer in Philly.”- Yuna Zhang, student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, intern for UTC

  • “One of the most interesting days of my summer has been my tour of Blommer Chocolate in East Greenville, Bucks County.  Blommer is one of DVIRC’s Lean Certified clients and North America’s largest supplier of chocolate.  I shadowed Bob Walsh if DVIRC at Blommer while he and the Blommer management demonstrated to Penn Color how the Lean process worked for Blommer and the benefits of Lean manufacturing.  Going on this tour and sitting through the meeting taught me a lot about the work of DVIRC which is very important to the manufacturing world. Working on both company synergy and the smart grid projects for DVIRC this summer taught me so much about the manufacturing and energy efficient buildings industries.  I believe that it is always good to know how different things work and how they are made.” – Tim Keogh, Penn State graduate and intern for DVIRC
  • “As a future chemical engineer, there are environmental challenges that I will have to face. Those challenges are mostly limited to reducing the toxicity of pollutants and the negative environmental impact of industrial facilities.  By taking classes in both the School of Communication and the School of International Service, International Media perfectly combines my passion for story-telling with my hunger for international experiences. This past summer, I gained real experience through the EEB Hub Internship Program in Philadelphia. For nine weeks I worked as an assistant for Ms. Avis Ransom from Morgan State University, and my work focused on education. I supported the development of plans and materials that was used to support a summer charette to further develop and to deliver to STEM program. I also developed promotional material and populated a web site that will be further developed and transferred to the EEB Hub site, and I publicized information about the EEB Hub, about building science careers opportunities and about a curricula and pedagogy in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to teachers in the region. The greatest parts of my internship, however, were the opportunity to network with professional and interact with fellow interns, and gain of knowledge and appreciation. I had an encouraging and supportive supervisor, and I gained appreciation for science and mathematics educators who train students to be more efficient and enable them to be more productive and innovative. This internship has been an enlightening and rewarding experience. I have been provided both an introduction to research and exposure to energy efficiency in buildings.”- Midrele Kamleun of Rochester Institute of Technology, intern to Morgan State

Thanks to Campus Philly, interns got a chance to learn more about Philadelphia and the region. One of our interns has already found full-time work with a regional energy utility company, while others are returning to school to continue their educational goals. We thank them all for their contributions and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!