Building Information Modeling DataHub

The EEB Hub will create a building information modeling (BIM) Datahub for storage, exchange, and retrieval of standards-based building information.

Energy Auditing


On April 9, the EEB Hub welcomed Kyle Benne to its team. Kyle will be working at the Hub headquarters for the coming year on loan from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in Golden Colorado. Kyle brings to the Hub his expertise on OpenStudio, an open source cross-platform application interface intended to help reduce barriers to entry for Architectural and Engineering (A&E) firms to the advanced energy retrofit market by reducing the costs to develop new tools for building energy analysis.

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Navy Yard ICon Lab

The purpose of the Immersive Construction (ICon) Laboratory is to facilitate the effective use of virtual reality (VR) techniques in design and execution of advanced energy retrofit projects. The ICon Lab contains an immersive projection display which allows 3D and 4D models to be displayed in stereo at full scale. The ICon lab groups up to 40 people to simultaneously participate in the integrated design of a building. The ICon Lab is located at the EEB Hub headquarters in Building 101 at the Navy Yard. A sister system is located at Penn State University Park. The two systems are interactive with one another.

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