Integrated Technologies and Systems Team

The Integrated Technologies and Systems task team will demonstrate the market viability of integrating energy saving technologies for whole building system solutions at the Navy Yard and elsewhere in the Greater Philadelphia region.


Significant improvement has been made over the past several decades in the energy efficiency of specific building technologies such as lighting and HVAC systems and windows, yet the overall energy efficiency of buildings has not improved because the individual technologies are not being integrated into cost-effective whole-building system solutions. 


To address this challenge the EEB Hub will:

  1. Integrate technologies into system solutions that optimize overall building energy performance
  2. Develop technologies where technical solutions do not currently exist or are not optimized
  3. Demonstrate the results in buildings, measure results, and through continuous feedback and improvement  sustain efficient performance over the building lifecycle.



Building 661 Progress Report

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Collaboration with DOE Laboratories

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Technology Roadmap

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