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For the past few months I’ve been on a major health kick.

There’s been ups.

There’s been downs.

But overall I’m really happy with the way things are going and how I’m feeling.

So what have I been doing?

  • I’ve been working out out doing the P90X3 system.
  • I’ve been following a ketogenic diet.
  • And I’ve been using this incredible product called Athletic Greens.

Athletic Greens will be the main topic of this post because I feel like since I’ve been drinking this green stuff my health has been revitalized.

I used to wake up in the mornings feeling feeling like I hadn’t slept.

It would take me ages and a few cups of coffee to really wake up.

I’d be fine for a few hours until the afternoon when the brain fog would kick in and I’d feel like a zombie again.

My skin looked washed out and I just felt like crap all the time.

I was one of those people that even when they were feeling their best they would still get people asking “Are you feeling OK?”

I was sick and tired of always being sick and tired.

I really wanted to be healthy and happy and have people tell me that I’m looking well for once!

So one evening while I was sitting on the sofa not doing much I just got this urge to make a change.

I started Googling stuff like “how to get healthy” and reading through blogs.

And that’s how I found Athletic Greens.

It’s this green powder that you mix with water and it gives you a BURST of super nutrients and antioxidants.

So I spent the next hour or 2 reading through reviews and I could not find any one who had anything negative to say about it.

People were saying how much more energy they had and how much healthier they felt since they started taking Athletic Greens.

I also saw that Tim Ferriss was recommending it which instantly gave it an extra boost of credibility in my eyes because I know Tim to be a stand up guy.

So I decided to give it a try.

Now if I’m completely honest with you $97 did sound a bit expensive but I at least wanted to give it a try.

If it could really help me feel better then it was a small price to pay so I ordered some for myself..

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait that long for it to arrive and pretty soon it had arrived and I was mixing myself a glass after I got home from work.

Pic of athletic greens and green juice in glass.

I won’t lie when I looked at it all I could think was “wow it looks super healthy” and at the same time “eww, it’s a big glass of green stuff.”

But when I took a sip I was pleasantly surprised at the taste.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not delicious but it’s not horrible either.

But what impressed me the most was just how clear my head felt after drinking it.

Remember, I drank it after I had gotten home from work so I was tired.

Even so, within minutes of downing the green stuff I really perked up and my brain fog just disappeared.

It’s an incredible feeling to drink something and feel the difference immediately.

Plus psychologically it felt great knowing that I had all these nutrients and good stuff flowing round my body.

The next morning I woke up feeling groggy as usual so I got up and drank a glass of Athletic Greens and the same thing happened again.

Within minutes I felt wide awake and my head felt clear.

I felt focused too.

3 Months Later..

So it’s been 3 months since I started taking Athletic Greens and I feel like a completely different person.

I workout every day for at least 30 minutes. (I mostly do P90X3)

I’ve recently started a ketogenic diet which for those who don’t know is when you eat mostly fats.

And I continue to drink Athletic Greens 1-2 times per day.

In just 3 months I’ve burned off a lot of fat and feel like I’m in great shape and thanks to these lifestyle changes and especially Athletic Greens I feel like I am the healthiest I have ever been.

Here’s a little of how things have changed;

  • I wake up in the mornings sometimes before my alarm even goes off feeling wide awake and ready to get out of bed.
  • My head feels clear all day and I rarely get that brain fog feeling anymore.
  • I’ve lost weight so my physique is a lot better which has been a big confidence boost.
  • I have more energy to do stuff.
  • I feel happier and don’t suffer from mood swings anymore which I’m sure my friends and family are also happy about!
  • I’ve been told a bunch of times lately that I’m looking well.
  • My under eye circles have vanished.
  • My skin is smoother and clearer.

I just feel so much healthier now and it all started with Athletic Greens which I think I’ll continue to take for the rest of my life!

If you want to improve your health, appearance and the way you feel then I wholeheartedly recommend you try Athletic Greens.

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