Finding The Time To Exercise!

Believe me, I know that these are easier said than done…

So don’t think about it… just do it.

Seriously. Keep this list and do them all.

You’ll be surprised how easy it becomes after awhile – like second nature!

  • Work out when your favorite TV show is on. If you don’t have large exercise equipment – use hand weights or do floor or step aerobics. You could go up and down the stairs during commercials.
  • Better yet, turn off the TV. You can fit in a 30-minute walk just by giving up one sitcom.
  • If you read a lot, listen to audio books while you exercise instead of sitting or lying down. You can check many audio CDs out at the library. Some libraries even have a feature that allows you to download them from their website.
  • Split your workouts. Try getting up 20 minutes early in the morning for a short workout and then do another short workout at lunch or in the evening.
  • Use your lunch break. Take 30 minutes to go outside and speed walk, then the other 30 minutes to eat.
  • Have young kids? Use the day care at the gym… so there’s no excuse about who’s going to watch the kids. It’s not expensive and some memberships offer free daycare.
  • Instead of meeting a friend for lunch or coffee, meet them for a walk around a beautiful neighborhood or downtown. Make walking dates instead of lunch dates. Whenever you’re talking to a friend on your cell phone, take a walk around the block instead of hanging around the house.
  • Hit the stairs. It takes about the same time to wait for the elevator as it does to climb a flight of stairs.
  • Park far away. You won’t have to fight for a parking space at the mall, the movie theater, or the grocery store.
  • Next time you go to a sporting event, don’t stay on the bench. Get up and walk around during halftime, in between quarters, etc.
  • While you’re waiting in the airport, doctor’s office, etc., walk around instead of sitting.
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